10 tips to have a healthier day!


It’s the beginning of the year so of course the most popular New Year’s resolution has to do with losing weight or being healthier. People are buying out gym memberships, yoga mats and fad diet pills with the hopes of getting slimmer. Green drinks and multivitamins should help right? 

However, most people fall off this by about mid-February. Why does this happen every year? Because people miss the most important part of the “diet” plan isn’t meal prep or going to the gym everyday, its the mindset behind it. 

But you can’t buy a mindset, you can only hope it stays long enough to shed the pounds or fit in the jeans. How can you do that? The same way that addicts get out of the addiction - by taking it one day at a time. 


Being healthy is a daily effort but it only takes small steps. It’s about making the right (healthier) choice. 

10 tips to a healthier day

So here are 10 tips to having a healthier day. Not a perfectly healthy day, not a day full of counting calories and obsessing in the mirror, but a day full of a happier healthier you. 

  1. Start your day with a happy thought. This could be a prayer, gratitude, manifesting something good for yourself. It could be a happy memory - just something happy and good to start your day, first thing you think of.  
  2. Drink water. Download an app that reminds you to hydrate and actually drink more water. Hydration can help your mind and body work in a cleaner, quicker fashion.   
  3.  Take a 20 minute nap. At some point in your day, schedule yourself a 20 min nap to rest and recharge. You’ll see that this improves your thinking and . sleep better at night - not just more, but better. Make it super dark, find your perfect mattress, sheets, pillows and comforters. 
  4. Cut down your sugar. Seriously, it's damaging you from the inside out and it's an addiction we can all live without. Read this book for more info.
  5. Plan out your goals. Watch this awesome guy's videos to see how awesome it is to design your own future. If you get a notebook and write out your health journey goals, use the SMART goals format to figure out how to make them work for you.
  6. 10 minutes of activity. That's right, just 10 minutes of your day. It's hard for everyone to get the motivation of going to the gym or doing an entire DVD workout but sometimes it's easier to do something for just ten minutes. Take a quick walk around the block or pacing around your office building, jogging, 10 minutes on the elliptical. You'd be surprised how doing just 10 minutes makes you want to do more. 
  7. Journal it's like talking to a best friend who does nothing but listen. Write for just 5 minutes a day to figure out what you're feeling, vent it out and see how much better you feel to get it out instead of bottling it up.
  8. Stretch. This video is literally 5 minutes and I do it in the morning - it's fantastic and it makes me feel fresh and alive.
  9. Read something. It could be an article you found on facebook, or a chapter from a good book that makes you feel positive and smart. This is the one I'm currently reading a chapter of every day.
  10. Eat a green vegetable daily. Just start with one! I know, how basic right? It sounds so simple but hey, the best things in life are simple. I'm not saying go vegan or drink a giant green drink either - just start off with something simple. Pick up a bag of broccoli, spinach or whatever vegetable you think sounds good. Hell, for the first day or two put some salt and pepper on it if it's really that unappealing. Vegetables are still a great way to get your body headed in the right direction. 

And that's all I've got! Seriously, I started doing these 10 tips a few months ago and it's helped me feel so much better both physically and mentally and there's research behind it. If these 10 don't sound good, make up your own tips! List them below! The important part is just trying each and every day, one day at a time.


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