Awesome writing music

  When I sit down to write, the first thing I do is put my music on. It could be writing for my novel, blog posts, journaling or research, I pretty much always have music playing to help boost the creative part of my mind. 

Mostly I use Spotify playlists because that way I don’t have to think about doing anything extra. I always try to find music that doesn’t have lyrics or at least has lyrics that are toned down. This helps me concentrate on the words I’m writing, not the ones I’m singing along to.   

  1. Awesome Irish Folk   - I personally love folk music, especially Irish because it has a good rhythm that’s practically made for typing.  
  2.  Lost in an Enchanted Forest  - This playlist is full of magical and dreamy tunes that help me get into my creative mindset. I think a lot of Lord of the Rings music is just so inspiring! 
  3. Spotify’s Epic Uplifting Sunrise - I love how they keep adding more and more to this awesome playlist! It’s got one of my favorite artist’s on it, Sigur Ròs who is just a beautiful composer. Honestly I listen to this all the time, not just when I’m writing. 

There’s a lot more I could add to this list but I’ll keep it short since those playlists have plenty of songs each! I’m such a fan of music, but writing music is one of my favorite searches. Spotify has lots of playlists so search ‘writing music’ and see what you come across!  

What do you listen to when writing? Let me know in the comments down below, I always want to try different stuff!