Meal planning and prep (Free Meal Planning Sheet!)


Okay, I'm as lazy as can possibly be sometimes. I would rather get take-out every day because I won't have to cook or clean up. However, the cost and unhealthiness of going out? Obviously not worth it. So my husband and I have been starting to cook and eat at home more. 

Then comes the second issue - what should I cook? Every morning, I have to figure out what I'm going to eat for lunch and then what I'm going to cook after work. My husband works 24 hours on, then 48 hours off as an EMT so on his days off he tries his very best to help me out,  but it's still not easy when we don't know what we're doing. 

So this morning I've created an easy chart for us and it's now on a shared google excel sheet for us to update every week. Meal plannning is a great way to relieve stress on yourself each week, plus you can plan around date nights or events. You can find healthy recipes and build a collection of your favorites. We also plan on making this a big whiteboard calendar in our house, so that we know what's on the menu that week. (Now he can stop asking 'what's for dinner tonight' which is getting annoying :P)

Our plan is to go grocery shopping and cook on Sunday so that we can have our food ready to go. We'll freeze what we need to in order to pop it into the oven for ease after work. We're using for our recipe ideas and our new Instant Pot! Check it out so you can make your own for your home too! 

Download your own free meal planning sheet here!