My skincare routine (combination skin)

Help, my skin is breaking out and no amount of makeup is helping! 

 We’ve all had our own unique problems with our skin and it’s just part of being human in a world full of oily fingers, pollution, UV rays, makeup, fabrics, allergens, hair, unhealthy food and tough schedules. 

But it’s never too late to start a new fresh skincare routine to optimize your daily health. Having clean skin is about more than looking pretty, it’s also a sign that your body is working the way it’s supposed to and won’t feel awful in your older years. Plus, it helps you wake up in the morning and feel fresh before bed too! 

I have the awesome benefit of having a mom who’s worked in cosmetics and skincare for 10 years so it helped me really use good products that are safe and also find out what skin type I am.

My personal routine


  1. On my dry face, I use the 7-day Scrub Cream by Clinique. I rub it in and really exfoliate around my T-region.  
  2. I let it sit while I brush my teeth, then I rinse that off and use the Clinique 3 step facial cleanser along with my Clarisonic brush. 
  3. I pat dry it with a towel, then I drip a few drops Clarens moisturizing toner onto my fingers and tap it onto my skin lightly. It smells amazing and feels so refreshing! 
  4. I let it dry for about 2-3 minutes, then I rub on my Clinique Moisturizing Lotion+ all over my face and neck.  


  1. Before bed, I use a makeup removing wipe to get any dirt and oil residue off my face (important even if I didn't wear makeup that day!) 
  2. I use Clinique Overnight Serum and Overnight moisture to get hydrated skin.  

But sometimes this product list/skin-type isn’t for you. You can use these tips to help you too! 

  1. Go to your nearest mall/beauty store and get tested for what skintype you are. Oily, combination, dry - these all have an effect on what type of products you should be using. 
  2. Research your skintype online to find the best quality products and then you can narrow it down by price and availability. Quality is so much more important than fashion trends and price when it comes to skincare because it can seriously hurt your skin if you use something that’s not good for you! I always double check to see if the company tests it’s products on animals as well, because that’s important to me :) 
  3.  Try it for at least 2 weeks! Nothing is instant and skincare takes time to develop with your skin. 
  4. Take Biotin Vitamins! This will help your skin, hair and nails.
  5. Last but not least, drink LOTS of water. Water hydrates and nourishes skin of all types.  

 Those are some quick tips and my personal routine. What’s your skincare like?