What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed


My wedding is in officially only 10 days away. How am I doing? Yeah, just about as stressed as you’d imagine. There’s thousands of little details that were either forgotten or unorganized properly. On top of that, I’m working a pretty heavy load at work lately, I’m actually trying to stick to writing creatively every day, I’m cleaning and cooking and a hundred other things.

So when my to-do lists have to-do lists, I get overwhelmed - and plenty of people do. None of us can be perfect, and so often, life throws things at us all at once.

Here’s a few tips on things I do when those overwhelming feelings come around:

Journal about it

Yes I know, I talk about journaling in almost every post but hey, it’s really that important! When you write out your feelings, your worries and anxieties, they somehow feel not as massively difficult. Sure, to-do lists and brain dumps and planners are great for this as well, but before I do any of that I try to just journal my actual feelings instead of action items first.

Pray about it

Sure, you may not be religious but there is a peace of mind that comes when you ask whatever higher power you believe in (God, Nature, the Force?, Yourself) to help you out. Maybe nothing comes out of it (other than hopefully an appreciation for how small your problems are when compared to the world’s) but the most important thing is that you’re not making this all about what you have to do. You’re acknowledging that there are outside forces that can either help or hurt all of your struggles.

Talk about it

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to your best friend, your spouse or partner, your parents, or even a therapist. Talking about the things that are overwhelming you can help tremendously. There’s plenty of studies out there that prove how talking to someone about a problem can almost instantly provide some relief to your brain. It relieves stress and most of all - those people can give you advice, or even better yet: They can help you get some of your tasks accomplished. Next time you think you’re all alone in cleaning the kitchen or planning an event - trust me, you’re not.

Relax about it

Now this one can get a little controversial. Most of the time people tell you not to procrastinate or ignore your duties just because you’re stressed. But honestly? I find it ridiculously helpful to take a huge step back from my planner and to-do list for a few hours. Sure, those things are all important but most of the time they can handle being put on hold while you relax. When you’re really feeling overwhelmed, nothing is going to go well anyway - so put it to the side. Listen to some music or watch one episode of a show (Don’t start binging though) or go for a workout. Exercise helps stress so much!

What are some things that you do when you’re feeling super overwhelmed by a bunch of things happening to you at once? Let me know in the comments below!