Planning my wedding

Obviously it’s almost wedding season, and that means lots of girls are busy planning their weddings. When it comes to having a full-time job and having other commitments, we find ourselves squeezing every other minute Pinterest-ing and searching for wedding vendors. The to-do lists are a hundred items long and it’s fun, yet definitely a bit stressful.


When it comes to my own wedding, May 26th, I’ve got some of the big stuff done (invitations, venue, bridal party, guest list and dates) but of course I’m still on the search for some other big ticket items. Things like catering, photography, videography and most importantly - our honeymoon planning! It’s like things are going a million miles a minute and I’m definitely enjoying it, but it’s hard.

I have so many other things going on in my life, like my full-time job, spending time with both families and my fiance, as well as this blog, my social media and making sure I’m taking care of myself. I de-stress by doing yoga, meditating, weight-lifting and cardio, sleeping plenty and taking long bubble baths.

Weekends are full of finding things that match our color scheme - teal, rose gold and ivory - as well as making plans to see apartments, dress fittings, shopping for shoes and veils and trying to get my bridal party’s outfits ready. It’s coming together in my wedding planner and I’m going to try and just have fun and not freak out every time something messes up.

For example, my wedding invitations were a horrendously difficult - I decided to DIY them and of course that was a lot more difficult than getting them done professionally (but so much cheaper).

I printed them out from an Etsy seller on teal cardstock, then I actually hand-foiled all of them with rose gold foil and a laminator. Like, all of them. It took me an entire day just for that part. Then add in the details cards, envelopes, addressing, postage stamps… Once they finally actually got done and out to the post office, I made myself take a whole week break from wedding planning! I needed it! The stress from that task alone was not worth diving into more until I was ready.

Of course, every bride needs to learn how to delegate! I’ve left my fiance in charge of the photography/videography and I keep checking in with him (we’ll see how that goes haha) and my mother in law is taking care of the cake, so that’s another thing I don’t have to constantly worry about.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is remembering why I’m doing all of this. I want to spend that weekend in beautiful bliss, full of love for my fiance and all my loved ones who are going to be there to bless us with happiness and advice. We are so excited and I know there’s still a lot more to do, but I’m going to enjoy it as much as possible - it’s supposed to only come once in your life!