Top 7 things I can’t live without when not home


I want to preface this list by saying the obvious:

I don’t actually need these things to survive life. I’m not that much of a materialistic person, and spending time with people and my kitten are more important to me.

However this just a fun list of things that I use every day and really make my life so much easier on a day-to-day basis. Why 7? I don’t know, that’s all I really need. So here we go!

  1. My phone - (really, did you expect anything else?) obviously there’s the awesomely helpful apps, but most importantly is my ability to text the people I love whenever I want. I have an iPhone 8, rose gold. Also I usually keep this charger with me.

  2. My traveler’s notebook- I keep my planner and journal in a traveler’s notebook, as you can see here. I take this with me everywhere and I also put my cards/money in there and use it as a wallet too. It has all of my important details and dates in there. My current traveler’s notebook is from Speckled Fawns. I usually always keep a Frixion pen and/or an Inkjoy gel pen in it.

  3. Eyeliner - I’m not too crazy about daily makeup, preferring my natural looks and the fact that I’m too lazy in the mornings usually, but I barely ever leave the house without eyeliner on. I’m not sure why, since my eyes are naturally pretty big but I just got used to it during high school and now it’s habit more than anything. My favorite at the moment is the Smashbox Cosmetics Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof and Non-Flaking Kohl Eye Liner. It’s kinda pricey but honestly it lasts for such a long time and it’s fantastic for everyday wear.

  4. Essential oils - yep, they’re ‘essential’ alright. I love them, and I personally think they help me a lot. I have depression and anxiety and the oils have made me feel more relaxed and in a better healthy mood. You can get the ones I use here. Obviously, when I’m out and about I just lightly put one drop onto a handkerchief and keep it in my bag (they’re really strong). But this aroma diffuser is similar to the one I use when I’m at home.

  5. Headphones - I love music so I need my headphones. I usually use my apple ones. But if I’m at the gym or just want to use my bluetooth ones, I use these.

  6. Water bottle - I have to constantly remind myself to drink water, so it helps if I actually carry it with me wherever I go. I use this one.

  7. Lotion - Okay this one I actually don’t know if I can survive without. I’m so OCD about never having dry/rough skin, so I go crazy if I don’t have lotion. Currently use this one the most.

So there we go! Those are my essentials. If I got stranded somewhere for a few hours, I’d be okay if I had these. Your turn! Let me know what key items you always grab on your way out of the house!


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