Toxic best friends and how they can ruin your peace

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
— Henry Ford

We all love our best friends - the ones who have our back through thick and thin, the ones who hold our hair back when we're throwing up and tell us we still look great. They'd punch someone in the face for us and they always have time to listen to our issues. There's even science behind friendships.

toxic best friends.jpg

But what happens when your BFF is the one who's ruining your peace? When the best person you know is also making you feel the worst, it's time to take a step back and analyze the situation. 

Best friends should have your back, not control you

I had a best friend for 13 years and we were inseparable - we made it through high school, college and early adult life together. We were so in sync and no one else really mattered. Unlike most friendships though, it became a co-dependent, toxic mess. We were stuck like glue and it was unhealthy for the both of us. I had ditched all my other friends and I was losing my mind. 

So when that friendship finally ended, it was basically like I was starting all over again. I had to rekindle friendships, find myself and most importantly - find my peace again. 

It took what friendships are great at - helping you socialize, tell your secrets and vent about things. It was like a poodle turning into a monster - an innocent, happy thing that became so much worse. Too much of a good thing is bad for you. With social media, it's easy to become so extremely attached and that most, if not your entire day is taken up by texting, snapchatting or IM'ing your friends.

When you find yourself breaking other commitments constantly, making sure that you're always there for your best friend even if it's hurting you, giving up parts of yourself - it's time to take a real hard look in the mirror. Are you just living for that friendship or is it actually trying to help you live? Don't let the fear of being alone make you stick to something that's harmful. This is a good list from the Daily Mail to take a look at it if you're wondering if you're in this type of situation.

Don't let it happen to you

Friends should bring out the best in you - they should make you stronger, not weaker. Be a good friend, be an amazing best friend - but always do what's best for yourself. It's okay if that means putting some space in between you and the person you care most about. Don't get sucked in like I did, it can cause some serious scarring that I'm still not over today.

Toxic relationships are bad for both parties involved - they can make you doubt yourself unless you have the other person's approval. Both of you will find yourselves lost without the other and not in a romanticized way. It's important to have best friends but it's equally if not more important to make sure that you are a whole, complete person all of your own. Don't let anyone tell you who you should be, not even your best friend.

Have you ever been in a toxic friendship? Relationship? Tell us about it so that we can help each other heal from it.